Rockstar Pole Fitness Classes

Pole Classes

Pole Level 1 Intro

Newbies to All Levels

This is where the addiction begins! Class starts off with a sexy warmup then off to the poles! You will learn the basics of pole dance, including spins, basic floorwork, and proper engagement.

XXX Style

Must take at least one Pole Level 1 Intro

Welcome to Do Yo Thang (DYT), XXX style…warning, this class is not for the shy! The goal of XXX is for you to get a comprehensive workout while allowing you to express your sensual side in a fun, supportive and loving environment. We promise that you’ll leave every class sweaty and with a giant smile on your face!

In this class we’ll focus on confidence and learning to flow along with some controlled movement toning, sensual floor flow and freestyles on and off the pole. And as always, heels/boots are a must for this class!

Pole Level 2

Must have passed Pole Level 1 with Instructor sign-off

You will start to learn more advanced spins, holds, and push/pull movements. This class is where you really advance you spins and start to build your upper body and core strength. 

Pole Level 3

Must have passed Pole Level 2 with Instructor sign-off

Ready to go upside down!? You will learn the basics of controlled inversions, climbing, leg holds, prep for shoulder mounts, and more spins!

Pole Level 4

Must have passed Pole Level 3 with Instructor sign-off

In this class get ready for some advanced moves! You will really start to build the strength to perform aerial inversions and shoulder mounts. Continue with advanced combos and tricks such as marley, handspring, transitions from inside and outside leg hang, etc. Also continue on perfecting your technique!

Pole Level 3/4 Combos & Transitions

Must have passed Pole Level 2 with Instructor sign-off

We will be exploring combos and tricks on Spin and Static Pole. Mixed levels 3 and 4 welcome!

Heels over Head Intermediate Low Flow sequences

Must be at at least pole level 2 & feel comfortable with shoulder rollovers

In HOH we will stay at the bottom of the pole. Heel technique, low flow transitions and floorwork. Learn sexy acro low flow moves, isolations and heel work. This class will be mostly pole transitions and some floorwork. Knee pads and heels recommended. *Must be pole level 2 and higher. 

Non-Pole Classes

strength, cardio, dance, flexibility, sensual classes off the pole

Floor Flow®

NEWBIES to all levels

Floor Flow® is a brand of movement instruction that fuses primal movement and dance-based floor work techniques into easy-to-learn sequences that emphasize fluidity, control, and joint mobility.

By practicing these combinations and drills, you will build functional strength, body awareness, and unlike yoga or strength training, musicality. Floor Flow requires no equipment, but socks, knee pads, and sleeves are recommended for some techniques.

The floor is your apparatus.

Cardio Twerk

NEWBIES to all levels

A high-energy, exciting fitness class designed to isolate and work the full body. This is a coed class and specifically geared towards the workout part of twerkshop. This is a high intensity but super fun and strengthening workout. Sneakers required and bring a mat and water. Perfect fitness class for the non-dancer or professional dancer.

Rockstar Burlesque

NEWBIES to all levels

For beginning to advanced dancers and movers. This is a jazz and sexy burlesque dance and fitness class. The choreography to bring out the rockstar in you! This class will start with a dance style warm-up and follow with across the floor technique. Learn a Burlesque Jazz dance routine that you will master and have a great sweaty time doing.

Flexy Fit

NEWBIES to all levels

Starting out with a dancer style warmup and plyo , you will get nice and sweaty before starting the deep stretching. This class is for all levels and will help improve overall flexibility and strength.

Sexy Sculpt & Tone

NEWBIES to all levels

Feel the burn in this slow, sexy class. You will use own body weight to sculpt and tone legs, booty, arms and LOTS of abs! Bring on the soreness all while bringing out your sensual side.

Intro to Contortion/Flexibility

NEWBIES to all levels

Join our ALL- LEVELS Intro to Contortion/Flexibility class. With a rotating curriculum for splits and backbends, this class will teach you how to increase flexibility and develop the strength to control it. Whether you want a flat split or to sit on your own head, this is a perfect start to your deep flexibility journey!

Strength & Sweat

NEWBIES to all levels

In Strength and Sweat, expect a total body workout and to leave feeling sweaty but ready for more! The class is all-levels (there are modifications for every body!). It is the brainchild of Stephanie’s background: strength, yoga, dance, gymnastics, mobility, conditioning, and recovery. Come with a mat, a water bottle, and a pair of socks; Rockstar will provide the rest! 


NEWBIES to all levels

This class is for all levels. Combining styles of Hiphop, Burlesque, and some booty shaking. This class is a half hour workout and half hour dance class guranteed to work you out. All levels are welcome. Bring your A game! We get low and dirty. Get ready to sweat and bring water.

Intro to Lyra

NEWBIES to all levels

Lyra is one of the most beautiful apparatuses to perform on! In this class you will learn basic spins, mounts, dis-mounts and poses inside and below the hoop. Time to Fly!

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