Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Move When it is Cold Outside

Stephanie Webb

By Stephanie Webb

Stephanie has been intentionally investigating various movement practices for the last ten years. Stephanie is certified in Yoga Sculpt, Buti Yoga (AFFA, NASM, and Yoga Alliance accreditation), and she is also trained in Floor Flow and pole dance.

You have signed up for class tonight – a class you love and attend each week – but as you are grabbing your pole shorts it hits you: the pole is going to be SO cold. You can already imagine the chill against your bare legs during your first spin, and you just don’t want to be cold tonight. To make it worse, there is already a crust of ice on your windshield from the temperature outside. Late cancelling has never been more tempting.

We have all been there: bare skin against a cold pole can deter even the most committed of pole dancers. If you find yourself in a self-induced pickle of cold indecision, here are five things you can do to motivate yourself to get to the studio even when it is frigid:

1. Contact your pole buddy

Our pole buddies are great for cheering on your accomplishments in class. They can also be great for accountability. If you are considering staying home, send a message to your studio bestie first! You can grumble about scraping the ice off your windshield and face the cold together.

Don’t have a pole buddy’s phone number? You can also post on the Rockstar Students and Instructors page on Facebook. There is always someone on social media who will encourage you when your internal monologue is convincing you to crawl under the covers of your warm bed.

2. Remember your values

Rockstars doing snow angels behind the building after class

We can’t always rely on motivation and inspiration to get us out the door – even in warm weather. This is when you need to dig deep and reflect on your values. Why is movement important to you? What choices do you make every day to support your ideal future self?

If you haven’t considered your values, take some time to outline what makes life meaningful to you, how you want to feel each day, and who you strive to be. Narrow these ideas down into 3-5 words that represent your answers. For example, you might value community, health, and playfulness. When the cold gets you down, remember that the dance studio is a wonderful place to cultivate community and playfulness. Then, put on a jacket and get there.

3. Think of how good you will feel after

Laying on your mat before class is a very different experience than finishing your freestyle dance at the end of class. As you consider your frosty drive, balance your consideration with the sexy, powerful, and accomplished feelings you have when you are moving to the music after learning a fun new spin. Exercise can make your brain more sensitive to joy, boosting dopamine and fighting off the impact of less sunshine during the winter months. If you are thinking about cancelling the class you signed up for, take the time to think about how good you feel after class, and make it a point to do a good thing for your future self.

4. Treat yourself

Sometimes, the post-class good feelings aren’t enough to get us out of the house. So, can you use a kid-hack and give yourself a treat when you get it done? Maybe a hot bath or warm cup of cocoa lights your fire. Identify a treat and look forward to giving it to yourself when you return home.

5. Invest in stylish layers

Walking through the doors of Rockstar, you are greeted with cute flannels and hoodies. The next time you are in the studio, grab one and wear it to class. The cute outfit is motivating in and of itself, but you might also feel a boost of motivation as you rep the studio you attend. That sexy Rockstar pole logo? That is you.

The cold can really put a damper on movement motivation. The next time you find yourself wanting to stay home, revisit this list! See you in class.

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