Jenna McNamar

Jenna McNamar Headshot

Jenna McNamar has been pole dancing since 2006 and falls more and more in love with it every day. Born and raised in Colorado, she has always been active but had not found something she was truly passionate about, until she found pole dance, and discovered what it can do for women.

Pole dance has absolutely changed her life. She has never been more strong and flexible than she is today. Jenna has been teaching pole dance for 8 years, and she LOVES her students. Her favorite thing about teaching is when she sees a student realize how sexy and strong they are, and to be there when they nail that trick that they have been working on for months.

Her goal is to show that any woman regardless of size, age, or fitness experience can come to pole class, her hope is that it will have the same positive life-changing experience it did for her.

In addition to teaching group classes, she instructs one on one private lesson’s to help a student individually reach their pole, fitness, and strength  goals. Jenna also loves performing and encourages her students to as well, by helping them with choreography and stage presence. She believes pole dancing is truly an art form and loves to introduce it to people for the first time.

She completed Aerial hoop teacher training and is excited to offer that at Rockstar, and is also working as an Physical Therapist Assistant – she incorporates what she has learned about the body into teaching pole for injury prevention. She loves teaching, and is passionate about educating people about what pole dancing is really all about!

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