Jessica M.

Jessica M.Born and raised in Colorado, Jess grew up playing volleyball and was on the poms team at East High School. She began pole dancing in 2013, after her best friend randomly decided they would try a class together. Even with no previous dance experience, she immediately fell in love with pole dancing, admiring the amount of strength, grace, and creativity that is needed for this sport. 

Jess decided she wanted to become an instructor to share with others how empowering pole dancing is. She is certified through X-Pole and has been teaching for the last 4 years. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing students gradually begin to trust themselves and grow a glowing confidence that they did not display before trying pole fitness. 

Jess is also a NASM certified personal trainer and loves lifting heavy at the gym. Injury prevention and muscle recovery are both very important to her because she was diagnosed with scoliosis ten years ago, in high school. Having to learn to overcome the difficulty of low back pain, she has found a lot of help in yoga and movement. She loves that pole incorporates both strength and flexibility, because to her, they go hand and hand.
Outside of fitness, Jess is attending MSU Denver for Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She believes that food is our fuel and we must eat a wholesome healthy diet with a variety of foods to live our best possible life. 

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