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Mary Marsden

MaryMary is originally from Houston, TX and has lived in Denver, CO since 2010. Mary always had a passion for sports growing up. She played soccer, softball, volleyball, and basketball throughout her early teenage years and began dancing her freshmen year of high school. After she moved to Colorado, she found pole fitness, which she fell in love with after her first class. Her favorite part about pole fitness is the physical and mental strength it gives her. She feels it is an empowering sport, which you can never stop improving.

Mary has performed in numerous showcases hosted by a few pole studios in Denver as well as danced for several local events including Decadence 2012/13, DJ Mimosa, and Hornitos Tequila 2014. Mary also competed in the Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma competition in 2013 and tied for 3rd place.

Outside of dance, she is a full time student at the University of Colorado in Denver, where she is studying psychology and nursing. Whatever career path she chooses, she hopes to encourage women to embrace and love themselves as others have taught her to. She feels it is inspiring to see women of all different shapes and sizes walk in the door, have no idea what to expect, and then leave feeling confident, sexy, and enthusiastic about pole dancing.

As an instructor, she aspires to be a part of this positive transformation for the student’s who call Rockstar Pole Fitness their studio home.

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