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Stephanie Wojciehoski

Born and raised in California & Texas, Stephanie moved to Colorado in 1999. Growing up, she was always active, rough-housing with her 3 brothers and as an athlete, competing in volleyball, basketball and soccer most her life. As she got older, ‘traditional’ workouts were boring and couldn’t keep her attention. Searching for something more, she found it in a pole studio that had just opened, Rockstar Pole Fitness. Stephanie started pole dancing in 2014 and was immediately hooked. It awakened her passion, and found a side of her that had re-emerged through dance! Stephanie basically started ‘living’ at the studio, taking as many classes each week as she could and loving every new trick, spin, roll that each class brought. Stephanie is a certified pole instructor and loves watching clients, regardless of their skill level, find themselves, their emotion and their creativity though movement and dance. Prior to coming to work at Rockstar, Stephanie has 13 years of experience in the service/retail industry. She loves building strong bonds with clients and instructors and encouraging them to explore new sides of dance that maybe they’ve always been afraid to try. Come say hi to her at the front desk if you see her (and her unicorn hair!).

Hair whips, heels and unicorns!!!

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